Anadarko Was A Major Multi-National Oil And Gas Producer Now Owned By Occidental Petroleum 

Anadarko Was A Major Texas-Based Oil Producer With Assets In Africa And South America. 

Anadarko Was A Major Oil and Gas Producer Based In Texas With Oil Operations In Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Colorado, The Gulf Of Mexico, Colombia, And Africa. [Anadarko, archived 12/26/18]

Anadarko Was A Major Oil Producer Generating The Equivalent Of 457,000 Barrels Of Oil Per Day In The 4th Quarter Of 2018. “Anadarko’s U.S. Onshore assets delivered sales volume of 457,000 BOE/d in 4th quarter 2018, a more than 6% increase from the prior quarter and 17% increase from 4th quarter 2017, on a divestiture-adjusted basis. Oil sales volume was a record 189,000 BOPD, representing an increase of 8% from the prior quarter and a 21% increase from 4th quarter 2017, on a divestiture-adjusted basis. The DJ and Delaware basins delivered record production in 4th quarter 2018, with average oil sales volume increasing 6% and 7% from the prior quarter, respectively. As of Feb. 5, 2019, the company is operating 14 drilling rigs in the U.S. Onshore, with nine in the Delaware Basin, four in the DJ Basin and one in the Powder River Basin. Anadarko invested $181 million on acquisitions in its emerging Powder River Basin asset in 2018, of which $176 million was unbudgeted. In 2019, the company is focused on appraisal and delineation of its more than 300,000- gross-acre position in the southern Powder River Basin, with plans to deliver 10 to 15 wells to sales, focused mainly on the Turner Formation.” [Anadarko 4th Quarter Report, 02/05/19]

Anadarko Was Acquired By Occidental Petroleum In August Of 2019

Occidental Acquired Anadarko In August Of 2019 For $55 Billion. “Occidental Petroleum today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Anadarko Petroleum in a transaction valued at $55 billion, including the assumption of Anadarko’s debt. […] The closing of the transaction follows approval of the transaction by Anadarko’s shareholders at a Special Meeting held earlier today. More than 99% of the shares voted at the Special Meeting were in favor of the Occidental merger agreement. Anadarko shareholders are receiving $59.00 in cash and 0.2934 shares of Occidental common stock per share of Anadarko common stock in the transaction. Effective after the end of trading today, Anadarko’s common stock will no longer trade on the New York Stock Exchange.” [Occidental Press Release, 08/08/19]

Anadarko Is A Major Funder Of Anti-Public Lands Front Groups 

Anadarko Funds Coloradans For Responsible Energy Development (CRED) And Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy, and Energy Independence (PCEEEI) , Pro-Fracking Industry Front Groups

Anadarko Petroleum And Noble Energy Were The Funders Of Coloradans For Responsible Energy, A Campaign To Beat Back Ballot Initiatives That Could Restrict Fracking.  “Noble officials also elaborated on a publicity campaign the company is waging in Colorado in partnership with Anadarko Petroleum Corp., based in The Woodlands. The campaign, called Coloradoans for Responsible Energy, is trying to beat back potential ballot proposals in the state that could restrict the well completion process called hydraulic fracturing. Fracturing – injecting fluids and sand into a well under pressure to release oil and gas from tight formations – has contributed to a surge in U.S. production. Opponents say it may contaminate water and cause other environmental damage. “I think we’re prepared for a full communication effort,” Davidson said. “It’s going to be a lengthy summer, and we’ll see. There’s a lot of political dynamics that are happening here, and it changes daily.” [Houston Chronicle, 4/25/14]

Anadarko Has Contributed Over $13.5 Million To PCEEEI

In 2018, Anadarko Contributed $6,941,000 To Protect Colorado. [Colorado Secretary of State, Protecting Colorado’s Environment Economy, And Energy Independence, 2018 End of Cycle Filing, 12/6/18]

In 2016, Anadarko Contributed $5,662,500 To Protect Colorado PAC.  [Anadarko, 2016 Political Contributions]

In 2015, Anadarko Contributed $1,050,000 To Protect Colorado PAC. [Anadarko, 2015 Political Contributions]

PCEEEI Is An Anadarko-Funded Political Action Committee That Takes Uses Millions Of Dollars Oil Companies To Fight Citizen-Led Initiatives To Regulate Colorado’s Oil Industry

PCEEEI Is A Political Action Committee That Fights Regulations On Colorado’s Oil And Gas Industry. Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy, And Energy Independence (PCEEEI) is a political committee whose purpose is “to support state and local ballot initiatives that promote a vibrant colorado economy and oppose those measures that seek to harm colorado’s economy and way of life.” [Colorado Secretary of State, accessed 07/26/19]

PCEEEI, Also Called “Protecting Colorado” For Short, Was Established With Money From Anadarko Petroleum And Noble Energy. “…At least four other Front Range municipalities pushing anti-fracking ballot initiatives in 2013 and Polis arguing for a statewide initiative for further restrictions, top energy producers in the state crafted plans to fight back. [Denver Post07/16/17]

PCEEEI Was Formed To Protect Oil and Gas Industry Profits. “A good example is the oil and gas industry front group Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy, and Energy Independence (Protect Colorado), which was formed specifically to fight against any citizen initiative that could hinder oil and gas industry profits. Among its activities are pushing industry-spawned initiatives that make it harder for citizens to get measures on the ballot along with other political activity like directing campaign contributions to pro-oil candidates, even at the city council level. CRED’s own director of operations and coalitions, Mark Truax, has referred to Protect Colorado as, ‘kinda the political arm we work with.’ And it’s a very short arm.” [Boulder Weekly06/07/18]

Between 2012 And 2017, PCEEEI Spent $30 Million Fighting What It Calls An “Onslaught” Of Citizen-Led Fracking Regulations In Colorado. “Anadarko Petroleum and Noble Energy, the top energy producers in the state, lead the way. Their campaign-finance records and political activity reports shows that since 2012, the companies are responsible for two-thirds of the money given to an industry political issue committee known as Protect Colorado, which has spent $30 million since 2013 on ballot initiatives and issues. A public relations front group founded by the two companies in 2013 — Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development — also received more than $30 million in donations in its first three years of existence, according to its tax returns. [Denver Post07/16/17]

PCEEEI Is Closely Affiliated With Citizens For Responsible Energy Development, A Dark Money Astroturf Group For Anadarko And Noble Energy

PCEEEI Is “Organized” By Citizens For Responsible Energy Development, A Nonprofit Which Is Also Funded By Anadarko And Noble Energy.  “The oversized glossy mailers and robo-calls came in waves over the course of weeks to residents of this small Front Range city, asking them to protect their children, property and low tax rates by voting against a proposed city moratorium on the oil-and-gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The group behind the campaign calls itself ‘Protect Colorado,’ short for ‘Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy and Energy Independence.’ It’s a politics issue committee organized by a public-relations group called Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development, or CRED, which is funded by the two most active Front Range oil-and-gas companies, Anadarko Petroleum and Noble Energy.” [The Colorado Independent07/07/14]

PCEEEI, CRED, And Anadarko Appear To Have A Coordinated Communications Team. “Olson, when contacted on Wednesday, referred a reporter to John Christiansen, vice president of corporate communications for Anadarko. A message left for Christiansen soon triggered a reply from Karen Crummy, spokeswoman for Protect Colorado, the political arm of Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development, which received initial funding from Anadarko and Noble Energy.” [Daily Camera08/01/18]

PCEEEI And CRED Shared A Spokesperson In 2017. “‘Scaring people is easy and cheap. Providing factual information on a complex subject is difficult and expensive,’ CRED and Protect Colorado spokeswoman Karen Crummy said in a prepared statement. CRED was created as an ‘education effort to present the public with the science and facts on fracking,1 she said. Crummy added that ‘Protect Colorado was formed when the energy industry was facing an onslaught of ballot measures and the very deep pockets of one Colorado Congressman who had hundreds of millions of dollars. These measures had the potential to put the industry out of business so we had to fight back.’” [Denver Post07/16/17]

About Half Of PCEEEI’s Nearly $68 Million Has Come From Anadarko Petroleum And Noble Energy

Since It was Established, PCEEEI Has Received A Total Of $67,532,853.73 In Contributions– Nearly all of which is from the Oil and Gas Industry. Its largest contributors by far are Anadarko Petroleum and Noble Energy, which have given $17,786,736 and $16,326,236 respectively. A list of companies giving PCEEEI over $1 million in a single election cycle in one year includes the following:

  • $6,941,000 From Anadarko In the 2018 cycle
  • $6,712,500 From Anadarko In the 2016 cycle
  • $4,115,236 From Anadarko In the 2014 cycle
  • $6,583,500 From Noble Energy in the 2018 cycle
  • $5,627,500 From Noble Energy in the 2016 cycle
  • $4,115,236 From Noble Energy in the 2014 cycle
  • $3,499,091 From Extraction Oil & Gas in the 2018 cycle
  • $1,047,655 From DCP Midstream in the 2018 cycle
  • $1,037,665 From Hall Energy Service Inc in the 2018 cycle
  • $3,383,900 from PDC Energy in the 2018 cycle
  • $2,235,666 from SRC Energy Inc in the 2018 cycle
  • $1,000,000 from ConocoPhillips in the 2018 cycle
  • $1,400,000 from Chevron in the 2018 cycle
  • $3,076,971 in in-kind contributions from the Colorado Petroleum Council in the 2018 cycle. [Colorado SoS, accessed 07/29/19]

Anadarko Also Funds Vital For Colorado, A “Coalition Of Leading Business And Civic Organizations” That Formed To Fight What They Call The “Anti Energy Movement”

Vital For Colorado Announced Its Formation In March 2014. On March 5, 2014, Vital For Colorado announced its launch in a press release: “A coalition of the leading business and civic organizations across the state of Colorado, calling itself Vital for Colorado, has formed to advocate for a responsible oil and gas policy, it was announced today. The group’s launch comes amid various attempts by environmental activists to make it easier for local governments to ban energy development.” [Vital For Colorado Press Release, 03/05/14]

Vital For Colorado Formed To Oppose What They Saw As An “Anti Energy Movement” In Colorado. “The Vital group formed last year after several businesses grew concerned with the increasing ‘anti’ energy movement growing in Colorado. Several Denver business leaders were on a trade mission to Houston, where they heard from executives in oil companies.” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

Anadarko Gave $107,000 To Vital In 2016.“Anadarko Petroleum Corp., for example, lists donations on its website of $107,000 to Vital for Colorado in 2016.” [Greenly Tribune11/04/17]

Anadarko Gave $607,000 To Vital For Colorado In The Past Three Years. “Anadarko reported donating $607,000 to Vital for Colorado in the most recent three years.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Anadarko Gave $107,000 To Vital, “A Dark-Money Group That Has Worked To Defend The Energy Industry’s Interests.” “Anadarko also gave $107,000 in 2016 to Vital for Colorado, a dark-money group that has worked to defend the energy industry’s interests.” [Westword, 05/01/19]

Anadarko Has A Bad Environmental Record

Since 2000, Anadarko Has Had To Pay Over $5 Billion In Penalties For Environmental And Safety Violations

Anadarko Has Paid $5,179,596,716 In Federal Penalties For Environmental, Safety, and Other Violations. This includes 35 separate violations with BSEE, FERC, EPA, OSHA, DOJ, and the Federal Railroad Administration. [Violation Tracker, accessed 08/08/19]

Anadarko Paid Over Five Billion For Its Environmental Record In 2014– The Largest Environmental Settlement In History

Anadarko Was Forced To Pay “The Biggest Environmental Cash Settlement In History” In 2014– $5.15 Billion. “The Justice Department announced the biggest environmental cash settlement in history Thursday, securing a $5.15 billion deal with Anadarko Petroleum to clean up dozens of sites across the country and compensate more than 7,000 people living with the effects of the contamination. The agreement resolves claims stemming from the toxic legacy of one of the oil firm’s subsidiaries, Kerr-McGee, which operated a range of U.S. chemical, energy and manufacturing businesses over 85 years. At a news conference, Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney of the Southern District of New York, said Kerr-McGee, which Anadarko acquired in 2006, left a trail of pollution in its wake and tried to evade responsibility by forcing U.S. taxpayers to pay for its actions.” [Washington Post04/03/14]

  • The Settlement Included Nearly $1 Billion To Clean Contaminated Drinking Water In The Navajo Nation. “The settlement will provide nearly $1 billion to clean up drinking water and address health risks for the Navajo Nation; Bharara noted that members of the community were so worried local children might swim in the contaminated water that ‘the Navajo Nation felt compelled to distribute a comic book warning children to avoid the radioactive uranium.’ ‘That’s what it came to,’ Bharara said. ‘Kerr-McGee avoided its responsibilities, and children had to be warned away from swimming in contaminated water.’”  [Washington Post04/03/14]

Anadarko Had An Ownership Stake In The 2010 Deepwater Horizon Drilling Disaster That Killed 11 Workers And Led To The Largest Offshore Environmental Disaster in US History”

Anadarko Owned A 25 Percent Stake In The Macondo Well, Which Spilled Oil Into The Gulf Of Mexico As A Result Of The 2019 Deepwater Horizon Disaster. “The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected bids by BP Plc(BP.L) and Anadarko Petroleum CorpAPC.N to avoid penalties under federal pollution law in connection with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion and Macondo oil well rupture killed 11 workers and caused the largest offshore environmental disaster in U.S. history, polluting large parts of the Gulf, killing marine wildlife and harming businesses. […] BP and Anadarko owned a respective 65 percent and 25 percent of the Macondo well.” [Reuters06/29/15]

Anadarko Was Ordered To Pay $159.5 Million In Fines For the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill. “A federal judge ordered Anadarko Petroleum Corp to pay a $159.5 million civil fine reflecting its stake in the Gulf of Mexico well where a 2010 blowout caused the largest U.S. offshore oil spill. In a decision on Monday, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier in New Orleans said Anadarko was not at fault for the spill. But he said the company’s 25 percent ownership stake in the Macondo well made it part of the “polluting enterprise” responsible for the April 20, 2010, disaster, which included the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and killed 11 workers.The penalty equates to $50 per barrel of oil spilled, well below the maximum $1,100 per barrel, or $3.51 billion, penalty that Barbier could have imposed under the Clean Water Act.” [Reuters12/01/15]

  • Anadarko Was “Pleased” That The Fine Was “‘far less’ than what the government sought.” “The payout may resolve the last major legal uncertainty that Anadarko, which is based in The Woodlands, Texas, faced over the spill. BP Plc owned 65 percent of the Macondo well, while Mitsui & Co’s MOEX Offshore 2007 LLC owned 10 percent. In 2011, Anadarko agreed to pay BP $4 billion to help cover victim claims and cleanup costs. BP later reached a $20.8 billion settlement with the U.S. government and five Gulf states. The government had sought a penalty for Anadarko below $3.51 billion but ‘significantly above $1 billion,’ reflecting the seriousness of the violation. Anadarko said no fine was justified. In a statement, Anadarko said it is pleased that the fine is ‘far less’ than the government sought.” [Reuters12/01/15]

Anadarko Is Bad For Public Lands 

Anadarko Is The Largest Holder Of Unused Public Lands Oil And Gas Drilling Permits. “Roughly half of all unused permits are owned by 10 companies. Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corp. and its Kerr-McGee subsidiary own just under 900 unused drilling permits, more than twice as many as any other company, according to the BLM data. At least 440 of those permits are located in Uintah, where Anadarko in May 2012 was approved by BLM to drill up to 3,675 gas wells as part of its Greater Natural Buttes project. […] The locations of Anadarko’s idled permits are unclear. A company spokesman declined to comment for this story. [E&E10/23/14]

Anadarko Was Ordered To Pay More Than $17 Million In Settlement After It Was Caught Underpaying Royalties. “Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Kerr-McGee Corporation and their affiliates have agreed to pay the United States more than $17 million to resolve claims that the companies violated the False Claims Act by knowingly underpaying royalties owed on natural gas produced from federal and Indian leases, and numerous additional administrative claims, the Justice Department announced today. Anadarko is among the largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the world. Anadarko and Kerr-McGee were independent companies and were separately sued when this case was originally filed in 1996. In June of 2006, Kerr-McGee Corporation became a wholly-owned Anadarko subsidiary.” [Department of Justice, 06/20/11]

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