HR 2512 – Water Program Amendments (Companion bill of SB 1507)

Sponsored by: Rep. Rusty Bowers
Legislation to "undermine the 100-year adequate water supply requirement for new homes in certain rural counties."

Short Summary

This bill waives some restrictions intended to prevent water overuse.

General Description

Amends various programs relating to water supplies, conservation, watersheds and administration of laws relating to water.” [HB 2512 Fact Sheet, Arizona State Senate]

Bill Sponsor(s)

Rep. Rusty Bowers

Detailed Bill Summary 

“The bill would amend the way some water supplies, water conservation, and watersheds are handled.” [It] “would let a board of supervisors in a county without an ‘active management area’ review its adequacy provision every 10 years.” The bill does not contain “language that would prevent Central Arizona Project from claiming sovereign immunity, which would make it akin to a state agency and protect it from lawsuits from other water users.” [Joshua Bowling, “‘We have plans for our water’: Yuma farmers, officials voice opposition to water bills,” Arizona Republic, 03/23/18]

Current Status

Passed out of the Senate Natural Resources, Energy, and Water (NREW) Committee by a 4-3-1 vote and awaits action by the Rules Committee. [Sierra Club 2018 Legislative Update #12, Sierra Club, 03/23/18]

Relevant Comments by Public Officials, Public Lands Groups, or Special Interest Groups in Arizona

The bill would weaken adequacy requirements for areas such as Cochise County and could cause further harm to the San Pedro River. [Sierra Club 2018 Legislative Update #12, Sierra Club, 03/23/18]

Next Issue

SB 1507 - Water Program Amendments (Companion bill of HR 2512)