SB 137 — Grand Slam Wildlife Hunting Raffle

Sponsored by: Sen. Ray Scott
A bill to "create a 'Grand Slam Wildlife Raffle' to award hunting licenses for… ten big game species in Colorado."

Short Summary

This bill would create a raffle that would award people hunting licenses for ten different species. One ticket gives the purchaser the opportunity to enter the raffle drawing for each species.

General Description

“Concerning the creation of a grand slam wildlife raffle for hunting big game species in Colorado.” [SB 137, Colorado General Assembly]

Bill Sponsor(s)

Sen. Ray Scott

Detailed Bill Summary 

This is a bill to “create a ‘Grand Slam Wildlife Raffle’ to award hunting licenses for… ten big game species in Colorado.” The bill would also “establish a five member Grand Slam Grant Committee, which may authorize a nonprofit organization to conduct the raffle and retain up to 5 percent of the proceeds for expenses, and to fund projects of its own choosing, that benefit wildlife in Colorado.” [Lance Hernandez, “Bill to create ‘Grand Slam Wildlife Raffle’ to be heard Tuesday in Senate Finance Committee,” The Denver Channel, 02/09/18]

Current Status

  • 02/27/18 – Postponed Indefinitely by the Senate Committee on Finance. [Bill History SB 18-137, Colorado General Assembly]

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