SB 1507 – Water Program Amendments (Companion bill of HR 2512)

Sponsored by: Sen. Gail Griffin
A bill to "waive some restrictions" to prevent water overuse, to "allow overpumping in some areas to continue 10 years longer than current law allows" and to "reintroduc[e] workarounds to water use restrictions for Cochise and Yuma counties."

Short Summary

This bill would have waived some restrictions intended to prevent water overuse.

General Description

Amends various programs relating to water supplies, conservation, watersheds and administration of laws relating to water.” [SB 1507 Fact Sheet, Arizona State Senate]

Bill Sponsor(s)

Senator Gail Griffin

Detailed Bill Summary 

The bill would include proposals to waive some restrictions on overuse contained in a landmark 1980 state law, reintroduce workarounds to water use restrictions for Cochise and Yuma counties, ban water exports, study desalination as a new water source, and exempt some pumping rules for greenhouses. [Bob Christie, “Water Overhaul Bills Would Extend Pumping, Ease Use Limits,” Associated Press, 01/30/18]

Current Status

03/05/18 – Failed to pass the Senate, with tied vote of 15-15 [Bill History for SB 1507]

Next Issue

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