Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg

SB 256 – Leases Public Lands State Board Land Commissioners

Sponsored by: Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg
A bill to "eliminat[e] state land board review" when an agricultural lessee assigns his or her lease to a third party.

Short Summary

A bill to “chang[e] how fees are assessed by the State Board of Land Commissioners (state land board) when an agricultural lessee assigns his or her lease to a third party” and to “eliminat[e] state land board review of such a lease reassignment.” [Bill Summary for SB 256,  Colorado General Assembly]

General Description

“Concerning limitations on the state board of land commissioners’ leasing authority.” [SB 256, Colorado General Assembly]

Bill Sponsor(s)

Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg

Detailed Bill Summary 

This bill would allow leases of public land by the state board commissioners to be assigned by the lessee upon notice of the commissioners and that the assignment cannot be denied by the board of commissioners. Any fee assigned by the board must cover the assignment processing and not be used to generate revenue. The board does not have authority to examine documents not specifically related to the assignment if the assignment involves the transfer of other lands or interests. The bill would also eliminate the requirement that an applicant show the ability to fulfill the terms of the lease. The board also may not from requiring lessees or applicants for leases to report yields, production income, expenses or other specific data related to the use of leased or private lands.

Current Status

  • 04/25/18 – Postponed indefinitely by the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs. [Bill History SB 256, Colorado General Assembly]
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