Vital For Colorado

Vital For Colorado Was Formed To Protect Extractive Industry Interests In Colorado

Vital For Colorado Says It Is A Coalition Of “Businesses, Civic Organizations, And Elected Officials” To Protect The Oil And Gas Industry From Regulations

Vital For Colorado Announced Its Formation In March 2014. On March 5, 2014, Vital For Colorado announced its launch in a press release: “A coalition of the leading business and civic organizations across the state of Colorado, calling itself Vital for Colorado, has formed to advocate for a responsible oil and gas policy, it was announced today. The group’s launch comes amid various attempts by environmental activists to make it easier for local governments to ban energy development.” [Vital For Colorado Press Release, 03/05/14]

Vital For Colorado Formed To Oppose What They Saw As An “Anti Energy Movement” In Colorado. “The Vital group formed last year after several businesses grew concerned with the increasing ‘anti’ energy movement growing in Colorado. Several Denver business leaders were on a trade mission to Houston, where they heard from executives in oil companies.” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

Vital For Colorado’s Mission Is To Promote Energy Production Benefits, Critical Nature Of Energy Resources Extraction For Colorado. “The mission of Vital For Colorado is to promote the benefits of energy production in Colorado, highlight energy resource extraction as a critical part of Colorado’s state economy, and support a rational, well-regulated, and competitive regulatory environment which allows energy production in the state to thrive responsibly.” [Colorado Business Roundtable: Vital for Colorado, accessed 08/07/19]

Vital For Colorado Spokesman Claimed The Organization “Would Remain Focused On Preventing Regulations That May Harm The Oil And Gas Industry.” “A spokesman for Vital for Colorado said the organization will remain focused on preventing regulations that may harm the oil and gas industry, no matter the level of government.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

  • Spokesman Claimed It Was “Less About Elections And More About Making Sure Local Governments Hear Pro-Business Voices.” “‘Vital for Colorado is focused on repealing and preventing illegal energy bans in places like Adams and Boulder counties,’ said spokesman Rich Coolidge in a statement. ‘In general, we see this as less about elections and more about making sure local governments hear pro-business voices and understand how policies affect Colorado workers and their families’.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado “Is The Largest And Most Diverse Coalition Assembled In Colorado History.” According to EIS Solutions, a consulting company, Vital for Colorado Is An Entity “comprising 60,000 businesses, civic organizations, elected officials, community leaders and Colorado residents, Vital for Colorado is the largest and most diverse coalition assembled in Colorado history. Founded in 2013 amid increasing attacks by out-of-state and extreme environmental organizations, Vital for Colorado brought together a broad array of stakeholders who value responsible and sensible energy policy in Colorado. An organization dedicated to promoting the economic benefits of responsible energy development in Colorado, Vital for Colorado has stood on the forefront of the energy debate, advocating for a rational, well-regulated and competitive regulatory environment that allows energy production in the state to thrive responsibly. Led by a pro-active, diverse board of broad-based business, legal and agricultural leaders, Vital for Colorado’s board of directors have charted a disciplined and engaged strategy aimed at building a strong coalition giving voice to Colorado’s pro-energy community.” [EIS Solutions CASE STUDY: Vital For Colorado, accessed 08/07/19, EIS Solutions WHO WE ARE, accessed 08/07/19]

Vital Has Close Ties To The Koch Brothers

Kristin Strohm, Is A Vital For Colorado Board Member. “Strohm is also on the board of Vital for Colorado, a pro-oil-and-gas front group that works closely with CRED (Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development), another industry front group created and funded by Anadarko Petroleum and Noble Energy, both of which are represented by members of Colorado Concern.” [Boulder Weekly01/01/16]

  • Strohm Is A Republican Fundraiser With Ties To The Koch Brothers.  “The Starboard Group was founded by Republican political operatives Kristin Strohm and Katie Behnke. Starboard has been described as the most powerful Republican fundraising and consulting firm in the Western United States and increasingly the nation. […] Starboard rents Strohm out as the executive director of the Common Sense Policy Roundtable (CSPR), the pro-oil organization founded by Strohm with ties to the Koch brothers, and which controls the REMI research program at CU’s Leeds School of Business. The REMI program is the mechanism the oil and gas industry uses to produce shallow pro-oil-industry research reports whose headlines are then distributed via sound-bite advertising or as news by oil-industry-friendly media like the Denver Post. […]  Strohm’s husband Josh Penry works for EIS solutions, a consulting firm providing such services as the creation of fake grassroots movements (astroturf groups) that appear to support increased oil and gas extraction in Colorado. It has been described as the industry’s dirty tricks machine.” [Boulder Weekly01/01/16]
  • Strohm Is The Managing Partner Of Starboard Group, Which Has Worked With Vital. “Kristin Strohm is the managing partner at her own pubic relations firm, Starboard Group. Strohm, who is an advisor for Vital for Colorado, has also set up other front groups that work in concert with Vital for Colorado to oppose drilling regulations. The Western Colorado Jobs Alliance and The Common Sense Policy Roundtable Forum  were created by Starboard Group to oppose local control over shale drilling and fracking. Both groups also publicly support Vital for Colorado, creating a seemingly independent network of reinforcing voices that oppose fracking regulations, while being centrally coordinated by Strohm and Penry.” [PolluterWatch, 10/21/14]

Strohm’s Husband, Former State Senator Josh Penry, Coordinates Messaging With Other Anti-Regulation Groups Through VItal. While the Vital for Colorado website makes no direct mention of Penry, he serves as spokesman and strategist for the group, and coordinates messaging with other anti-regulation groups through Vital for Colorado. In September, Penry attended a meeting in Denver where he spoke to an audience of State Policy Network groups from around the country about the industry’s strategy to fight oil and gas drilling restrictions in Colorado. Josh Penry’s ties to Vital for Colorado run deep. [PolluterWatch, 10/21/14]

  • Vital’s Advisory Board Includes Strohm And EIS Employee Dan Haley. “Both EIS employee Dan Haley and Penry’s wife Kristin Strohm sit on the Advisory board of Vital for Colorado.” [PolluterWatch, 10/21/14]
  • Vital’s Website Is Registered To A Charity Meinhart, Who Has Worked For Both EIS Solutions And Starboard Group. “Vital for Colorado’s website is registered to Charity Meinhart, a web developer that works for both EIS Solutions and Starboard Group according to her LinkedIn account.” [PolluterWatch, 10/21/14]

Penry And Strohm Have Other Ties To The Koch Brothers. “The Penry and Strohm team both have connections to the national effort to reduce regulation on the oil industry through the creation of front groups, bottom-lined by oil and gas billionaires Charles and David Koch. Kristin Strohm has successfully solicited major funding from the Kochs. While Strohm was the finance director for Mike Coffman’s congressional campaign, Coffman benefited from ads run by Americans for Prosperity supporting his campaign. Through Strohm, he also received the maximum possible donation allowed by law from David Koch. Starboard Group’s website boasts of working for the Koch Brothers’ flagship front group, Americans for Prosperity. Strohm has also hired former Koch Interns to the Starboard Group. A former director of the Common Sense Policy Roundtable, a front group created by Strohm, attended the secretive 2010 Koch strategy meeting in Aspen. Penry’s EIS Solutions also has close ties to the Koch network. The director for Colorado’s Americans For Prosperity chapter is a former EIS Solutions employee, Dustin Zvonek. Like the other front groups in Penry’s orbit, Zvonek and AFP have been consistently working against local control of drilling regulations.” [PolluterWatch, 10/21/14]

Vital For Colorado Is Funded By Oil Companies

Both Anadarko And Noble Energy Have Given Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Vital For Colorado

Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

Anadarko Gave $107,000 To Vital In 2016. “Anadarko Petroleum Corp., for example, lists donations on its website of $107,000 to Vital for Colorado in 2016.” [Greeley Tribune11/04/17]

Anadarko Gave $607,000 To Vital For Colorado Between 2016 and 2019. “Anadarko reported donating $607,000 to Vital for Colorado in the most recent three years.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Anadarko Gave $107,000 To Vital, “A Dark-Money Group That Has Worked To Defend The Energy Industry’s Interests.” “Anadarko also gave $107,000 in 2016 to Vital for Colorado, a dark-money group that has worked to defend the energy industry’s interests.” [Westword, 05/01/19]

Noble Energy

Noble Energy Gave $157,988 To Vital In 2016. Noble Energy also gave big to Vital for Colorado in 2016, contributing $157,988, according to the company’s filings on its website.” [Greeley Tribune11/04/17]

Noble Energy Gave Nearly $358,000 To Vital For Colorado From 2016 Through 2018. Noble Energy gave nearly $358,000 to Vital from 2016 through 2018, based on past political activity reports.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Noble Gave $160,000 To Vital In 2016.  “Noble Energy gave $5.6 million to the PCEEEI and $160,000 to Vital for Colorado in 2016.” [Westword, 05/01/19]

Vital For Colorado’s Other Sources Of Funds Are Unknown. “It’s unclear where Vital’s other funding originated.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Board Members Are Affiliated With The Oil And Gas Industry

At Least Three Of Vital’s Board Members Have Ties To Oil, Gas, and Extractive Industries.

Vital Board Director Michelle Smith Has “Over 38 Years Of Professional Experience In The Oil And Gas Business. According to her biography on Vital’s site: “Michelle Smith has been with The Quiat Companies since 1991 focusing on acquisitions, divestitures, and coordinating successful drilling joint ventures. As Vice President of Land, she is instrumental in managing the nationwide assets of our  oil and gas limited liability companies. Ms. Smith’s professional experience includes Davis Oil Company (Denver, Colorado) and Anderman Oil Company (also in Denver) as well as acting as an Independent Land Negotiator. She is a Past President of the National Association of Royalties Owners (NARO) Colorado Chapter, a board member of Vital for Colorado, a member of both the American Association of Petroleum Landman, (AAPL) and the Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen (DAPL), and a graduate of Cypress College (California) with a AS degree.” [Vital For Colorado, accessed via 08/28/19]

Vital Board Director Neil Ray Is The President Of The National Association of Royalty Owners Rockies Chapter 2008-2011. NARO claims it is “the only National organization representing, solely and without compromise, oil and gas royalty owners’ interests.” [Vital For Colorado, accessed via 08/28/19 and About NARO, accessed 08/28/19]

Vital Board Director Dana M. Svendsen “Represents Industry In Matters Relating To The Federal Mine Safety And Health Act, The Occupational Safety And Health Act.” According to her biography on Vital’s site: “Dana M. Svendsen is a Counsel Member in Sherman & Howard’s Denver office where she practices in the Safety and Health OSHA/MSHA and Labor and Employment Practice Group.” According Sherman & Howard, “We help mine owners and operators interpret the law, comply with its complex requirements and to prepare for MSHA investigations and inspections. We also defend clients faced with penalties based on an alleged regulatory and statutory violations, including claims of discrimination for making safety complaints, both before the MSHA Review Commission and in the courts.” [Vital For Colorado, accessed via 08/28/19 and Sherman & Howard: Safety and Health – OSHA/MSHA, accessed 08/28/19]

Vital For Colorado Consistently Opposes Any New Oil And Gas Regulations

Vital For Colorado’s CEO Claimed Vital For Colorado To Counteract The State Becoming Unfriendly Towards Business

Peter Moore, CEO Of Vital For Colorado, Claimed Local Control Was “Creating Chaos And Patchwork Regulation,” “Making This An Unfavorable Place” for Business. “‘We see local control as being a complete rejection of Colorado’s oil and gas regulatory system, creating chaos and patchwork regulation, and making this an unfavorable place for those investing billions to do business here,’ said Peter Moore, a Denver attorney who chairs Vital. ‘If we become an unfriendly business climate for no particularly good reason that I can identify, it will be disastrous for the state, and that’s really why we organized.’” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

Moore Says Vital For Colorado Began With Trade Associations And Chambers Of Commerce “Because That’s Who We Were.” After the group returned from Houston, they began to organize. “‘We started with trade associations and chambers of commerce because that’s who we were,’ Moore said. ‘We have between 80-90 statewide associations and chambers of commerce throughout the state. We don’t have every one, but I’d suppose that we have most of the major ones (throughout Colorado).’” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

  • But Moore Claimed That Vital “Is A Grassroots Organization.” “‘This is a grassroots organization and it is intended to reach as many business people in state as we can. All of these business people are wanting to have rational discussions on the basis of science and facts and that’s not what the ballot initiatives are about,’ Moore said.” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

Vital For Colorado Educates And Advocates Through “Its Websites, Editorial Pieces And Presentations.” “Moore said those involved with the coalition will work to educate and advocate for responsible energy development, through its websites, editorial pieces through local newspapers and presentations. He said the group is hoping to create a statewide speakers bureau to present at local organizations.” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

  • Moore Claimed Colorado Voters Did Not Have The Same Information Business People Had And “We’re Trying To Provide That Information To Them.” “This fight is a continuing fight and it will show up in one year’s ballot initiatives and other local control initiatives. Colorado voters don’t really have the information I think that business people typically have when they make decisions. And we’re trying to provide that information to them.” [Greeley Tribune08/03/14]

Moore Opposed Now-Governor Jared Polis Over Oil And Gas Activity Regulations

Vital For Colorado Asked Then-Rep. Jared Polis To Withdraw His Support For Two Ballot Proposals That Would Regulate Colorado’s Oil And Gas Industry. “Vital for Colorado, a business group that counts more than 2,700 members on its rolls, has asked U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Boulder) to withdraw his support of two ballot proposals aimed at the state’s oil and gas industry.” [Denver Business Journal06/22/14]

  • The Regulations Would Require Frackers To Operate At A Safe Distance From Homes. “Initiative 88 would quadruple Colorado’s current minimum 500-foot setback between drilling wells and homes and make it a mandatory 2,000 feet. Initiative 89 would assert Coloradans’ right to clean air, water and scenic values. Coloradans for Clean and Safe Energy — the campaign group backed by Polis — has said it’s collected about 65,000 signatures on each measure so far. Ballot-campaign experts say it likely needs to get about 120,000 for each measure by Aug. 4 to ensure it has the more than 86,105 valid signatures necessary to get onto the November ballot. Vital’s request comes the week after Gov. John Hickenlooper ended his efforts to negotiate a compromise proposal that would give local governments more control over oil and gas operations within their jurisdictions. The proposal didn’t garner enough broad, bipartisan support to pass a special session of the state’s General Assembly.” [Denver Business Journal06/22/14]

Vital For Colorado’s Peter Moore Wrote A Critical Editorial On Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Vital For Colorado Chair And CEO Claimed Polis Would Have Support Of the Business Community If Polis Backed His Words With Action. “Just over three months ago, a coalition of state business leaders wrote to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) about the implementation of a major new oil and natural gas law: Senate Bill 181. Our letter carried a simple message: Back up your words with action and you will have the support of the Colorado business community.  Our letter referenced a series of promises from the Polis Administration about how SB-181 would be implemented – promises meant to win back the trust that was lost in the 34-day rush to pass the bill.” [Colorado Politics, 08/05/19]

  • Moore Claimed Polis Said That Permits Would Still Be Approved. “For example, during the SB-181 debate, Gov. Jared Polis told radio host Ross Kaminsky ‘you’re going to see permits continue to be approved’ and critics of the legislation would eventually “eat crow and say ‘sorry Jared, this was great for the state.’” [Colorado Politics, 08/05/19]
  • Moore Claimed Polis Said SB-181 Would Be Beneficial For the Energy Industry. “When he signed the bill, Polis promised SB-181 would be ‘good for the energy industry,’ ‘establish stability’ and ‘reduce political risk’ for both the energy sector and the broader state economy.” [Colorado Politics, 08/05/19]

Moore Claimed the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Director Also Made Promises. The governor’s COGCC director, Jeff Robbins, made further promises. The permitting process would continue “business as usual” even as some projects receive “a little more analysis,” Robbins told 9News. “We want to let oil and gas continue to thrive in Colorado,” he said in the same interview. “I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of change in the majority of the areas where we’re seeing a lot of oil and gas development happening,” Robbins pledged two days after SB-181 was signed, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.” [Colorado Politics, 08/05/19]

Vital For Colorado Criticized Governor Polis For Supporting Legislation That Expanded Local Control Over Colorado’s Oil And Gas Leasing

Peter Moore, The CEO Of Vital For Colorado, Wrote An Op-Ed Criticizing Governor Polis Over Implementation Of SB 181. Moor Wrote, “Just over three months ago, a coalition of state business leaders wrote to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) about the implementation of a major new oil and natural gas law: Senate Bill 181. […] But recent restrictions on state-level permitting aren’t the only concern. According to KUNC radio, SB-181 ‘triggered a wave of oil and gas moratoriums, across several county and municipal governments. One notable exception has been Weld County, where the vast majority of oil and natural gas production in Colorado takes place. Officials in Weld County are trying to use SB-181’s expanded local control provisions to remove uncertainty around the state permitting process and support future investment in the county’s energy sector.” [Colorado Politics, 08/05/19]

  • SB- 181 Was Designed To “Provide Local Governments With Increased Authority To Regulate Oil And Gas Development Within Their Jurisdictions.” “On April 16, 2019, Governor Polis signed into law Senate Bill 19-181. SB-181 is perhaps the most sweeping and progressive oil and gas legislation passed since the boom in hydraulic fracturing throughout the United States. […] SB-181 also seeks to provide local governments with increased authority to regulate oil and gas development within their jurisdictions. SB-181 revises the Colorado Land Use Control Enabling Act to provide local governments with explicit authority to regulate the location and siting of oil and gas facilities and other environmental components of oil and gas development, including water quality, air quality, and reclamation. And it includes an express provision stating that local government and state agencies share regulatory authority over oil and gas development, and that ‘a local government’s regulations may be more protective or stricter than state requirements.’” [American Bar Association, 10/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Has Spent Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Local Elections To Fight Oil And Gas Regulations

Vital For Colorado Has Focused Its Spending on Municipal Elections, Local Candidates And Opposing Measures That Would Regulate Oil And Gas Extraction Activities

Vital For Colorado Spent At Least $720,000 On Municipal Elections Between 2015 Through 2018. “The total spending calculated by The Colorado Sun came from campaign finance documents from a half dozen cities, as well as political activity reports filed by Anadarko Petroleum and Noble Energy, the two large public companies that file such disclosures, and tax forms filed by Vital for Colorado, an industry advocacy organization. The number is probably low. For example, Vital spent at least $720,000 on municipal elections from 2015 through 2018, based on local government records examined by the Sun.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Provided For $234,00 Or More Than Half Of What Was Spent By The Oil And Gas Industry To Fight a Successful Ballot Initiative In 2017. “In 2017, Vital provided more than half — nearly $234,000 — of the $475,000 spent by the oil and gas industry to fight a successful ballot initiative in Broomfield to make health and safety greater priorities in the permitting of oil and gas operations. The money against Question 301 went to TV ads, phone calls and more, many of them featuring former Republican Gov. Bill Owens. Most of the ads talked about “outside interests” trying to influence city policy.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Creates Spending Groups To Support Oil Industry-Friendly Candidates.“When it comes to candidates, Vital often forms independent spending groups with the words ‘stronger economy’ in the name. For instance, the nonprofit put $100,000 into the political group Greeley for a Stronger Economy in 2017, which supported four candidates. Among the mailers sent by the political action committee were some attacking candidates who received $500 donations from Polis. The governor has been invoked as a frequent boogeyman for the industry because of his past opposition to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. All of the candidates supported by the Vital money won, and Mayor John Gates was among them.”  [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Put $75,000 Into The Thorton For A Strong Committee in 2017 And $55,000 Into An Independent Spending Entity For Erie’s 2018 Municipal Elections.  “Vital put $75,000 into the political committee Thornton for a Stronger Economy in 2017 and $55,000 into an independent spending entity in Erie’s 2018 municipal elections. The Aurora Sentinel reported that Vital put $100,000 into the 2017 elections, although the city clerk says there is no longer any record of the spending because the records are only retained for a year.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Gave $10,000 To Broomfield For A Stronger Economy, Which Spent $8,125 For Mailings Supporting Local Candidates.“Meanwhile, the independent spending committee Broomfield for a Stronger Economy reported receiving $25,000 from the Colorado Economic Leadership Fund and $10,000 from Vital for Colorado. That group has reported spending $8,125 for mailers supporting Ward 1 incumbent Liz Law-Evans, Ward 3 candidate Rick Fernandez, Ward 4 candidate Kim Groom and Ward 5 candidate Karl Hofegger. Previously, the group spent $13,855 on phone calls, mailers and website design for those candidates.” [Inside Energy, 11/01/17]

Vital for Colorado Also Put $55,000 In A State-Level PAC In 2016 That Spent Money In County Commission Races. “And Vital put $55,000 into a state-level PAC in 2016 that spent money on county commission contests in Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties.” [Colorado Sun04/25/19]

Vital For Colorado Opposed Local Measure Requiring Health And Safety To Be Considered For Drilling Permits Within City Limits

Vital For Colorado Gave Money Opposing Ballot Question 301 In Broomfield. In 2017, Broomfield, Colorado residents would vote on Ballot Question 301, which would require the city’s home charter to be amended to require “protection of health, safety and the environment as preconditions for drilling inside city limits.” The Vote No on 201 issue committee got “$100,000 from Vital For Colorado, a nonprofit business coalition supporting fracking.’” [Inside Energy, 11/01/17 and Denver Post11/07/17]

Vital For Colorado Claimed Groups Like The Sierra Club And Clean Water Action Were “Outside Interests.” According to Inside Energy, the Vote No on 301 campaign repeatedly mentioned that “outside” interests were trying to divide Broomfield.” [Inside Energy, 11/01/17]

  • Rick Coolidge, Senior Strategist With Vital For Colorado, Defined “Outside” Interests In An Email. “The business community and energy interests have reported their spending and in-kind contributions in Broomfield, but Sierra Club and Clean Water Action – through LOGIC, the group it created – have hardly disclosed a thing. For example, at least two rounds of direct mail from the committee tied to the Sierra Club have been hitting Broomfield homes, and not a single dime of spending has been reported. As for Clean Water Action and LOGIC, neither group has reported any spending at all in Broomfield, despite the fact that LOGIC executive director Sara Loflin filed the petition to get Question 301 on the ballot in the first place back in June. LOGIC has been spent months on the campaign, gathering signatures, and running press, communications and events, and yet the only disclosure of the group’s involvement is a personal in-kind contribution from Loflin of less than $2,000 for several months of work. Before you shrug off these groups, consider that Sierra Club and Clean Water Action have combined annual revenues well in excess of $100 million. They have money to spend, they are spending it, and they should be held to the same standards of scrutiny as everyone else. I hope you’ll consider doing your part to correct this obvious double standard.”  [Inside Energy, 11/01/17]
  • Coolidge Said Vital For Colorado Opposes “Any And all Efforts By National Anti-Oil And Gas Groups To Cripple” The State’s Oil And Gas Industry. “Vital for Colorado is a coalition led by state business leaders and it represents the business community in the energy debate. We oppose any and all efforts by national anti-oil and gas groups to cripple one of the state’s most important economic sectors, though their political campaigns at both the state and local level.” [Inside Energy, 11/01/17]

Vital For Colorado Opposed A Measure That Would Require Oil And Gas Drillers To Operate At A Safe Distance From Homes

In August 2018, A Petition For A Proposed Ballot Measure To Increase Oil And Gas Setbacks Went To the Colorado Secretary Of State. “Petition signatures for proposed Colorado ballot measures to cap payday loans and to increase the setback for new oil and gas drilling activity around homes made their way to Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ office Monday. Backers of Initiative 126, the payday loan initiative, turned in 188,045 signatures at 11 a.m. Monday. Supporters of Initiative 97, the setback measure, turned in more than 170,000 signatures about 90 minutes later.” [Colorado Politics, 08/06/18]

  • Vital For Colorado Was Ready To Respond Even Before the Petition Was Logged On The Secretary Of State’s website. “Before the petitions had even been logged in with the Secretary of State’s office, Vital for Colorado, a pro-oil and gas nonprofit, was ready with a criticism of the ballot measure. The group released a list of 20 business organizations and Republican current and former elected officials opposed to Initiative 97. They promised to defeat the measure come November.” [Colorado Politics, 08/06/18]
  • Peter Moore, Vital For Colorado’s President And CEO, Said “We Have Only Just Begun To Fight.” “‘As we have seen in past years, a diverse coalition of business, labor and political organizations will continue to stand firm against the Boulder activists and out-of-state groups trying to choke out an entire industry and the livelihoods that depend on it,’ said Peter Moore, a Denver business attorney and president and CEO of Vital for Colorado. ‘If this measure qualifies for the ballot, more than 20 organizations have already declared their opposition to Initiative 97, and we have only just begun to fight.’” [Colorado Politics, 08/06/18]

Vital For Colorado Was Involved In A Local Election Held At Erie, Colorado

Vital For Colorado Donated $55,000 To Support Candidates In Erie, Colorado. “Vital for Colorado, an organization with deep pockets and ties to pro-oil and gas interests, has dropped tens of thousands of dollars over the past week in support of several ‘pro business’ candidates ahead of a pivotal Erie election, paperwork unveiled Friday suggests. The group, which doled out cash in an effort against Broomfield’s anti-drilling ballot issue 301 last year, has now contributed upward of $55,000 in support of mayoral candidate Dan Woog and trustee candidates Barry Luginbill, MacKenzie Ferrie and Liz Locricchio.” [Daily Camera03/08/19]

  • The Funds Were Used For Advertising, Mailers And Robocalls In Support Of Candidates. “The funds are not direct contributions, but rather used for services such as digital advertising, mailers and robocalls to residents in support of the candidates, according to records obtained through a public information request. […] In the past week, the organization has contributed nearly $35,000 in the form of digital advertising and mailers urging residents to vote for the four candidates and return their ballots by April 3. The group tacked on another $500 in “voter contact calls” for the four aforementioned candidates. On Friday, it made its largest contribution: $20,000 in the form of voter canvassing for those candidates.”  [Daily Camera03/08/19]

Vital For Colorado Donated Money To A PAC Called Aurora For A Stronger Economy

Vital For Colorado Donated A Total Of $100,000 In Five Payments Of $20,000, All Dated October 20th, 2017. “Campaign financial disclosure records filed Nov. 1 with the Aurora City Clerk office show that Vital for Colorado donated $100,000 to a PAC called Aurora for a Stronger Economy in five $20,000 payments all dated Oct. 20, 2017. Ballots for the Aurora municipal race were mailed out earlier in October. Returns have been slow.” [Aurora Sentinel11/07/17]

  • One Candidate Said Vital’s Contributions Show “The Oil And Gas Industry Is Concerned” About Political Candidates Who Represent Community Be Elected. Ward II candidate Nicole Johnston has pinned her interest in Aurora government on how little public input there was in drilling and fracking operations in the city. She said the last-minute boost from Vital for Colorado wasn’t surprising, “I think it shows the oil and gas industry is concerned that people who represent the community have an opportunity to get elected.” [Aurora Sentinel11/07/17]
  • Aurora Chamber Of Commerce CEO Kevin Hougen Was Listed As A Vital For Colorado Board Member. “Aurora Chamber of Commerce CEO Kevin Hougen is listed as a board member of Vital for Colorado, according to the organization’s website. The group’s funding details were not available at press time.” [Aurora Sentinel11/07/17]

Vital For Colorado Is Listed First On The Colorado Oil & Gas Association’s Website. “Under the ‘Other Colorado Stakeholder’ section, the description for Vital for Colorado reads: “Vital for Colorado’s seven-principle pledge is for citizens, business owners and elected officials to show support for continued responsible oil and natural gas development in Colorado.” [Colorado Oil & Gas Association, Vital For Colorado, accessed 08/07/19]

Vital For Colorado Is A Sponsor For the Economic Develop Council Of Colorado’s Drive, Lead, Succeed Conference. Vital for Colorado is listed as a “Session Break Sponsor” for the conference, which is scheduled for October 9-11, 2019. [2019 Drive, Lead, Succeed Conference Sponsorship Opportunities, accessed 08/07/19]

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