Andy Biggs


Andy Biggs has served in the US House of Representatives since 2017, representing Arizona’s 5th congressional district. He previously served in both chambers of the Arizona state legislature. Biggs opposes sage grouse conservation and efforts to curb methane pollution. He called the Obama administration national monument designations an “unfettered executive fiat.”

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Rep. Biggs opposed the Obama administration’s national monument designations.

Biggs said Obama used “unfettered executive fiat” to “advance the left’s political agenda” in his monument designations. Biggs promised to work with Rep. Gosar “to return land management decisions back to the people.” [Press Release, 01/16/16]

Biggs opposes sage grouse conservation.

Biggs “proud to cosponsor” a bill blocking sage grouse protection. The bill would require Interior to honor the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s determination that the sage grouse does not currently warrant additional protection under the Endangered Species Act. [Press Release, 10/20/17]

Biggs opposes reducing methane emissions.

Biggs signed onto a letter to the House Appropriations Committee asking for the methane rule to be repealed. He called it “an Obama effort to undermine American oil and gas.” [Press Release, 04/06/18]

Notable Donations to Biggs by Anti-Public Lands Groups in Arizona

Since 2013, Andrew Biggs has taken at least $300 from Arizona Cattleman’s Association.

Andrew Biggs took $300 from Arizona Cattleman’s Association in January 2013.