Gail Griffin


Gail Griffin has represented District 14 in the Arizona State Senate since 2013. Previously, she represented District 20 in the state senate, and has also served in the Arizona House of Representatives. State Senate Griffin opposes national monument designations and supports transferring control of public lands to the states. She also sponsored legislation waiving restrictions intended to prevent water overuse in Arizona.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

State Senator Griffin opposes national monument designations.

Griffin called for a monument review beyond Zinke’s original plan to “undo the injustices.” Griffin co-signed a letter organized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute calling on President Trump and Secretary Zinke to rescind monument declarations made by President Obama and “to make a dramatic break with the past and begin to undo the injustices perpetrated in the name of designating national monuments.” [Competitive Enterprise Institute, 10/20/2017]

State Senator Griffin supports the transfer of federal lands.

Griffin supported transferring federal lands to generate revenue. She wants to transfer control of federal lands to the state to increase the state tax base and create revenue for education. (Becky Pallack, “Education Issues led Alvarez to run against Griffin in District 14,” Arizona Daily Star, 9/23/2016)  

State Senator Griffin sponsored legislation weakening protections against water shortages in Arizona.

State Senator Griffin sponsored a bill that waives restrictions intended to prevent water overuse. SB 1507 amends various programs relating to water supplies, conservation, watersheds and administration of laws relating to water.” [SB 1507 Fact Sheet, Arizona State Senate]

Notable Donations to Griffin by Anti-Public Lands Groups in Arizona

Since 2016, Gail Griffin has taken at least $2625 from Arizona Cattlemen’s Association.

Gail Griffin took $300 from Arizona Cattlemen’s Association in August 2016.

Gail Griffin took $250 from Arizona Cattlemen’s Association in November 2017.