Greg Gianforte


Greg Gianforte is Montana’s at-large US Congressman. He was elected to that office in 2017. Gianforte says national monument designations are “large land grabs.” He says he supports the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Gianforte’s spokesperson says he opposes the transfer of federal public land to states. Gianforte welcomes the Trump administration’s approach to sage grouse plans and voted to defund enforcement of the methane rule.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Greg Gianforte said monument designations were “large land grabs.”

Greg Gianforte voted for a resolution to revamp the Antiquities Act because he thinks monument designations are “large land grabs.” “Montana’s lone congressman Republican Greg Gianforte was among the majority voting for the resolution. ‘The previous administration made unilateral decisions about expanding the size of a monument without public input and behind closed doors. The bill would increase transparency, establish a public process, and require public input while preserving the original intent of the Antiquities Act,’ Gianforte said in a statement.” [Associated Press, 10/11/17]

Greg Gianforte expressed confidence congress would increase Trump’s low budget request for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

Greg Gianforte did not seem to be concerned about the Trump budget request’s cuts to LWCF. “Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Mont., has also endorsed LWCF. ‘I fully support LWCF, have voted for its permanent re-authorization, and will continue advocating for it to help protect and expand access to our public lands.’ Gianforte pointed out that although the Trump administration’s request for LWCF is low, it’s up to Congress to ultimately determine the amount. He noted that the House Committee on Appropriations has already allocated $360 million for LWCF. ‘I am confident Congress will fund LWCF programs more robustly than his request does,’ he said.” [Montana Untamed, 05/21/18]

Greg Gianforte’s spokesperson said he opposes the transfer of federal public land to states.

Gianforte’s spokesperson said he “has always been clear” on the transfer of public lands. “Gianforte’s Campaign Spokesperson Shane Scanlon issued a statement Wednesday saying, ‘Greg has always been clear on this issue, our public lands need to stay in public hands and he opposes efforts to transfer federal lands to the states.’” [KTVH, 04/26/17]

Greg Gianforte welcomes Donald Trump’s approach to sage grouse plans.

Greg Gianforte welcomes scrapping the Obama-era sage grouse plans. “’The Greater Sage-Grouse is not endangered, and state plans have increased the sage grouse population,’ said Gianforte, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee. ‘Despite these facts, the Obama Administration enacted heavy-handed federal policies for the sole purpose of tying-up millions of acres of public land. I’m happy to see President Trump and Ryan Zinke focus on science and state plans for a more balanced approach.’” [Rep. Daines Press Release, 08/11/17]

Greg Gianforte voted for an amendment to defund enforcement of the methane rule.

On September 13, The U.S. House of Representatives voted 218-195 “to strip funding for an Obama-era EPA effort to limit methane emissions from new oil and gas drilling sites.” [The Hill, 09/13/17]

Gianforte voted for the amendment. [Roll Call Vote 488, 09/13/17]