Hector Balderas


Hector Balderas is New Mexico’s Attorney General. Balderas was elected in 2014. Balderas said he would use “every tool available” to protect New Mexico’s national monuments, and joined a lawsuit to stop the repeal of rules regulating methane pollution.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Attorney General Hector Balderas Promised to Use “Every Tool Available” to Protect New Mexico’s National Monuments.

Balderas Said Litigation Could be a Tool Used to Protect Monuments. “New Mexicans and visitors alike value our monuments for reasons as varied as conservation and ecology, economic opportunity, culture, history, archaeology, and spirituality. The designations of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument and of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monuments are lawful, constitutional, and reflect the ideals embodied in the Antiquities Act. We will use every tool available to us to protect them from unlawful modification, including litigation.” [Press Release, Hector Balderas-New Mexico Attorney General, 07/26/17]

Attorney General Hector Balderas Sued to Stop Repeal of Methane Rule.

Balderas and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued the Trump administration regarding its delay of new rules to reduce methane leaks. Balderas applauded an earlier court’s decision. “‘The federal appeals court blocking President Trump’s roll back of the Methane Rule is a win for New Mexico families, businesses and our environment.’ Balderas said his office ‘will continue to fight to hold the Trump Administration accountable when they try to harm New Mexico children and families.’” [“State AG joins in suit against methane rule delay,” Farmington Daily Times, 07/05/17]