Kimmi Lewis


Kimmi Lewis was elected to the Colorado State House of Representatives in 2016, representing House District 64y. Lewis opposed the establishment of Bears Ears National Monument. Lewis also sponsored three bills aimed at limiting conservation easements in Colorado.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

State Representative Kimmi Lewis Opposed the Establishment of Bears Ears National Monument

Lewis Backed a Petition to Stop New Monument Designations Lewis posted a message supporting a campaign to oppose monument designations on her campaign Facebook page: “PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The landowners and small business owners of San Juan County, Utah need our help! Several well-funded environmental groups (including the Natural Resources Defense Council) are petitioning the Obama Administration to use the 1906 Antiquities Act (once again) to establish a 1.9 million acre national monument in southeastern Utah. Even though the U.S. Department of the Interior does not have the funds to manage its current holdings, environmentalists continue to push President Obama to make significant designations during the final months of his term. Please take time out of your day to sign this petition to STOP the establishment of the Bears Ears National Monument.” [Facebook Post by Kimmi Lewis, 07/22/16, accessed 10/23/18]

State Representative Kimmi Lewis Sponsored Legislation Putting New Limits on Conservation Easements

Lewis sponsored three bills aimed at limiting conservation easements. HB 1122 would have required a public accounting of conservation easements in the state. HB 1123 called for a moratorium of three years on income tax credits allowed on conservation easements while an accounting of the easements is conducted. HB 1194 would have required public hearings prior to easement grants, time limits on easements, and would have allowed landowners to transfer or cancel a conservation easement if the land trust is dissolved. [HB 1122, Colorado General Assembly; HB 1123, Colorado General Assembly; HB 1194, Colorado General Assembly]