Mark Brnovich


Mark Brnovich has served as the Attorney General of Arizona since 2015. He opposes new national monument designations and supports transferring control of public lands to the states.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Attorney General Brnovich opposes new national monument designations.

Brnovich signed onto a policy brief opposing the designation of the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument. The brief, from the Arizona Chamber Foundation and the Prosper Foundation, characterized a new monument declaration as a “monumental mistake.” [The Proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument: A Monumental Mistake?, 01/22/16]

Brnovich supports the transfer of federal lands.

Brnovich endorsed doing “everything we can to get our land back.” Brnovich advocates for Western states to take ownership of the massive amount of federal land within their borders. [Neil Young, “Brnovich claims he is a better candidate than current state AG,Mohave Valley Daily News,  04/21/14]