Mark Finchem


Mark Finchem has served in the Arizona House of Representatives since 2015. Representative Finchem opposes new national monument designations and supports transferring public lands to state control. He has called efforts to protect sage grouse habitat a “manufactured crisis.” In the Arizona House, he has sponsored legislation allowing Arizona to join an anti-public lands lawsuit brought by the State of Utah and exempting coal used in a power plant on the Navajo Nation from sales tax.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

State Senator Finchem opposes new national monument designations.

Finchem condemned Obama’s “theft” of national monuments. He criticized the federal government for not being able to properly care for the land that is already under its control and how Obama’s designation of large swaths of land is “not a discrete and enumerated power given him – or the federal government at large – by the Constitution.” [Finchem Campaign Blog, 12/29/2016]

State Senator Finchem supports the transfer of federal lands.

Finchem wants to sue the US government to transfer control of federal lands. His plan involves suing the federal government to put control of public lands in the state’s hands, alleging a civil rights violation. (Bright Wright, “Lawmaker from Pinal wants to sue feds for land,” Casa Grande Dispatch, 12/9/2015)

State Senator Finchem opposed sage grouse conservation.

Finchem says sage grouse is a “manufactur[ed] crisis.” He said groups are manufacturing this crisis to “feed the fundraising beast so they have a job” and to “get rich with no productive outcome.” (Mark Finchem Facebook Post, 12/22/2013)

State Senator Finchem supports joining an anti-public lands lawsuit.

Finchem sponsored a bill that would allow Arizona to join Utah’s anti-public lands lawsuits. HB 2210 “would mandate legal analysis of a case Utah has prepared to challenge for public lands in that state. If the attorney general determines the case has merit, the bill authorizes Arizona to join the lawsuit.”  [Brandon Loomis, “Lawmakers want Arizona to consider taking control of public lands from feds,” The Arizona Republic, 01/24/18]

State Senator Finchem sponsored legislation seeking to exempt coal used in a power plant on the Navajo Nation from sales tax.

Finchem sponsored a bill that exempts coal from a sales tax. HB 2003 would  “exempt coal used in a power plant on the Navajo Nation” from an Arizona sales tax “as a way to help make the plant more attractive to potential buyers.” [Bob Christie, “Arizona lawmakers mull tax break for power plant coal,” Associated Press, 02/14/18]

Notable Donations to Finchem by Anti-Public Lands Groups in Arizona

Since 2015, Mark Finchem has taken at least $250 from Arizona Cattlemen’s Association.

Mark Finchem took $300 from Arizona Cattlemen’s Association in October 2015.