Matt Regier


Matt Regier is a legislator in the Montana House of Representatives. He has held that office since 2017. He voted against a resolution discouraging the transfer of federal public land to states. He also sponsored legislation aimed at improving access to public lands.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Matt Regier voted against a resolution opposing the transfer of federal public lands to states.

Matt Regier voted against an anti-land transfer resolution. Regier voted against a resolution in the 2017 legislature to “oppose any effort to claim, take over, convey, or sell off federal lands within the State of Montana.” [HJ11, 02/25/17]

Matt Regier sponsored legislation intended to improve access to public land.

Matt Regier sponsored a bill to use Montana’s habitat acquisition fund to create a position that would “focus on acquiring access to state lands.” Regier sponsored HB 651, a bill that would create the position of a “public lands access advocate” who would be “appointed and directed by the board of land commissioners.” The bill would “allow the use of Habitat Montana funds, which is acquired through a fee hunters pay, to hire” the public lands access advocate. The public lands access advocate would be “dedicated to increasing public access opportunities on and to public land.” [Billings Gazette, 03/25/17]