Michelle Lujan Grisham


Michelle Lujan Grisham was elected Governor of New Mexico in 2018. She was previously a U.S. Congresswoman for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, a position that she was first elected to in 2012. She urged former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to leave New Mexico’s national monuments alone, supported reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and opposed selling off public lands. Lujan Grisham has also supported sage grouse habitat preservation and curbing methane emissions.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Then-Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham Urged Former Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke to Respect the Wishes of New Mexicans and Leave National Monuments Intact.

Lujan Grisham Called on Zinke to Leave New Mexico Monuments Intact. “As the deadline nears for U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to complete his review of national monuments created under the Antiquities Act, U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, and U.S. Representatives Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham urged him one more time to respect the wishes of thousands of New Mexicans who cherish Rio Grande del Norte and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks national monuments, and leave them intact. ‘The voices of New Mexicans could not be clearer – our national monuments are vitally important to our history and are part of the living culture of local tribes and pueblos. Our local communities worked for decades to ensure that permanent protections for our national monuments would be in place for the use and enjoyment of future generations,’ the lawmakers wrote.” [US Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, Press Release, 09/08/17]

Then-Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham Supported Reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

Lujan Grisham Said Reauthorization of LWCF Was “Good, Smart Policy.” “Lujan Grisham, an avid fan of fly-fishing, said the fund supports fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor recreational activity, and reauthorizing it [the LCWF] ‘is good, smart policy.’ She added that she and other members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation are ‘going to fight hard to make sure we don’t miss the opportunity.’” [Rick Nathanson, “Democrats vow to preserve conservation fund,” Albuquerque Journal, 08/12/15]

Then-Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham Opposed Selling Off Public Lands

Lujan Grisham Voted Yes on an Amendment that Blocked Funding to Initiate Land Transfers. “Representative Jared Polis, a Democrat from Colorado, introduced an amendment on an Interior Department funding bill that would have blocked funding to initiate any federal land transfers, disposals, or sales that were not in the public interest or were not part of Federal Lands Transfer Facilitation Act. This amendment would have effectively made public land transfer more difficult. With its failure, the possibility is still available to public land seizure proponents to sell off the lands that belong to all Americans to the highest bidder.” Lujan Grisham voted yes to prevent public lands from being transferred. [Press Release, National Wildlife Federation, 09/14/17; FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR ROLL CALL 491, Office of the Clerk-House of Representatives, accessed 10/26/18]

Then-Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham Voted to Preserve Sage Grouse Habitat.

Lujan Grisham Voted Yes on the Tsongas Amendment, an Amendment to Conserve the Threatened Sage Grouse’s Habitat Across the Western United States. During consideration of the Interior and Environmental Appropriations bill in 2016, the House of Representatives voted on an amendment sponsored by Rep. Niki Tsongas that would protect plans to conserve the threatened sage grouse’s habitat across the western United States. On July 14, 2016 the House rejected the Tsongas amendment by a vote of 184-241 (House roll call vote 474). Lujan Grisham voted yes on the amendment to preserve the conservation plans for the sage grouse. [National Environmental Scorecard, League of Conservation Voters, accessed 10/26/18, FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR ROLL CALL 474, Office of the Clerk-House of Representatives, accessed 10/16/18]

Then-Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham Applauded Methane Standards.

Lujan Grisham Said Curbing Methane Emissions Was “Critical” for New Mexico. “The Environmental Protection Agency released the standards today, which are designed to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. Methane is a key constituent of natural gas, and is considered a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. ‘Curbing methane emissions is critical for a state like New Mexico, which is a leader in oil and gas production,’ Rep. Lujan Grisham said. ‘Setting national methane emission standards will help protect public health, fight climate change and ensure that natural resources are not being wasted at the expense of taxpayers.’” [US Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, Press Release, 05/12/16]

Notable Donations to Lujan Grisham by Anti-Public Lands Groups in New Mexico

Since 2017, Michelle Lujan Grisham has taken at least $11,000 from Chama Trout Stalker LLC.

Michelle Lujan Grisham took $5500 from Chama Trout Stalker LLC in January 2017.

Michelle Lujan Grisham took $5500 from Chama Trout Stalker LLC in January 2017.

[Source: New Mexico Secretary of State via opennessproject.org]