Raul Grijalva


Raúl Grijalva has served in the US House of Representatives since 2003. He currently represents Arizona’s 3rd congressional district, and chairs the House Natural Resources Committee. Grijalva supports permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund and efforts to regulate methane emissions. He has criticized efforts to modify the sage groups conservation plan, as well as the Trump Administration’s rollback of national monuments.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

Rep. Grijalva criticized the rolling back of national monuments.

Grijalva said “few monuments will be safe” if Trump actions stand. He warned of the Trump administration’s “unprecedented effort to destroy our country’s system of public lands.” [Press Release, 10/14/17]

Grijalva supports the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

Grijalva sponsored an amendment to permanently authorize LWCF as “rebuke to Trump’s budget proposal slashing [the fund]” His amendment permanently reauthorizes LWCF. [House Natural Resources Committee Democrats, 02/12/18]

Grijalva supports a sage grouse management conservation plan.

Grijalva criticized a “fact-free ideological attack” on sage grouse management, saying that it does not meet any legitimate demand. [House Natural Resources Committee Democrats Press Release, 10/24/17]

Grijalva supports the regulation of methane.

Grijalva criticized “amateurish” efforts to cancel methane standards. In an op-ed, he wrote about the “industry figures” who protested so that the Trump administration could let them “off the hook.” (Grijalva Op-Ed, The Hill, 03/14/18].