Ray Scott


Ray Scott was elected to theColorado State Senate in 2014, representing the 7th district. He supports exploring the transfer of public lands to state control, and he opposed efforts to limit methane pollution. Scott also sponsored legislation to create a raffle for obtaining hunting licenses for big game.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

State Senator Ray Scott Supports Exploring the Transfer of Public Lands to State Control.

Scott Voted to Create a Public Lands Transfer Study Commission. “Senate Bill 232 would create a 15-member ‘Federal Land Management Commission’ with the two-year purpose of studying the transfer of public lands in Colorado from the federal government to the state. The bill “passed out of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy with a 5-4 party-line vote.” Scott would vote yes. [Scott Willoughby, “Willoughby: Senate Bill 232 would be a disaster for sportsmen,” Denver Post, 04/16/15]

State Senator Ray Scott Opposes Efforts to Limit Methane Pollution

Scott Signed Letter Endorsing Repeal of the Methane Rule. “The Republican majority in the Colorado State Senate endorsed the repeal effort of the venting and flaring rule. ‘It is clear in many cases operators will be forced to prematurely abandon wells, consequently reducing royalties to the Federal government and severance tax to the States,’ Senate President Kevin Grantham, Senate Pro Tem Jerry Sonnenberg and Senator Ray Scott, chairman of the chamber’s select committee on energy, wrote in a letter to U.S. Sens. Cory Gardner (R) and Michael Bennet (D).  ‘We will not stand for additional shortages in these types of funding due to a flawed rule recklessly put in place in the last days of the Obama administration,’ the state lawmakers said.” [“Colorado’s Energy Sector, State Legislators Call For Repeal Of Obama BLM’s Methane Rule,” Western Wire, 02/23/17]

State Senator Ray Scott Sponsored a Bill Creating a Raffle For Obtaining Hunting Licenses for Big Game

Scott sponsored a bill to “create a ‘Grand Slam Wildlife Raffle’ to award hunting licenses for… ten big game species in Colorado.” The bill would also “establish a five-member Grand Slam Grant Committee, which may authorize a nonprofit organization to conduct the raffle and retain up to 5 percent of the proceeds for expenses, and to fund projects of its own choosing, that benefit wildlife in Colorado.” [Lance Hernandez, “Bill to create ‘Grand Slam Wildlife Raffle’ to be heard Tuesday in Senate Finance Committee,” The Denver Channel, 02/09/18]

Notable Donations to Scott by Anti-Public Lands Groups in Colorado

Since 2014, Ray Scott has taken at least $550 from Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

Ray Scott took $200 from Colorado Oil and Gas Association in October 2014.

Ray Scott took $350 from Colorado Oil and Gas Association in October 2017.

[Source: Colorado Secretary of State/FollowTheMoney.org]

Since 2014, Ray Scott has taken at least $200 from Colorado Mining Association.

Ray Scott took $200 from Colorado Mining Association in October 2014.

[Source: FollowTheMoney.org]

Since 2014, Ray Scott has taken at least $300 from Colorado Petroleum PAC.

Ray Scott took $300 from Colorado Petroleum PAC in October 2014.[Source: Colorado Secretary of State]