Rusty Bowers


Russell “Rusty” Bowers serves in the Arizona House of Representatives, representing District 25. He has previously served in the Arizona Senate (1997-2001) and Arizona House of Representatives (1993-1997. Representative Bowers opposes national monument designations and federal control of public lands. He also sponsored legislation waiving restrictions intended to prevent water overuse in Arizona.

Notable Activities and Statements on Public Lands Policy

State Rep. Bowers opposes national monument designations.

Bowers voted to urge Congress to repeal the Antiquities Act. The resolution said, “the designation of national monuments and subsequent closure or restricted use of public lands significantly interferes with Arizona’s well-being” and “the greatest threat to the lands of Arizona is the intrusion and overreach of the federal government.” [SCM1011, 3/22/2017]

State Rep. Bowers supports the transfer of public lands to state control.

Bowers voted to require Arizona to pursue transfer of federal public lands. The bill would have required the state annually to ask the federal government to relinquish a wide variety of federally held lands to the state, and allow the Attorney General to initiate proceedings against the US government if it does not. (HB 2176, 4/1/2015)

State Rep. Bowers sponsored legislation weakening protections against water shortages in Arizona.

State Rep. Bowers sponsored a bill that waives restrictions intended to prevent water overuse. HB 2512 amends various programs relating to water supplies, conservation, watersheds and administration of laws relating to water.” [HB 2512 Fact Sheet, Arizona State Senate]